Music facts article

10 music facts that will truly blow your mind - Infographic

Do you consider yourself as a music geek? Do you know some unknown facts about your favorite bands? You can now impress your friends with a bunch of completely random, bizarre and, yet, very intriguing factoids. Feel free to use them for the next family Christmas quiz! We combined all this information in well designed […]

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Groovez cover

Groovez Dance Community released their third video for the summer

Groovez Dance Community is an open hip-hop dance community. It aims to innovate the contemporary hip-hop world by always searching for the latest trends in the genre while mixing it with other uncommon styles for a modern movement. The community was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its main activities are hip-hop teaching classes and workshops that […]

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GDPR is comming

A Funny GDPR playlist

When everyone "talks" about GDPR ...  Keep calm and GDPR !   May 25, 2018 will remain in history as a memorable date for the entire European world. What happened? The Common European Data Protection Regulation came into force or, in short, the GDPR. In this article, we have handpicked a fun and interesting playlist […]

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