70 romantic Bachata songs to help you easily master the dance

Bachata is a romantic Latino dance performed in a pair on a suitable music – the so-called Bachata songs. To dance Bachata can be a very enjoyable experience if it is combined with a pleasant music and a good partner. This playlist of the 70 most romantic Bachata songs will create a lovely feeling of […]

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Musical icons for Facebook and Twitter

If you want to publish more popular posts and achieve much better engagement of your auditory in the social networks, if you are also a music fan, who loves sharing, or just a person, who likes social media – this article is for you. At least once you’ve had the idea to share a cool […]

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Adria Dinev singer

Adria Dinev talks about music and art, her life in London and the challenges when you are an artist

Charming and talented, Adria Dinev felt in love with music when she was only four. Growing up with the sounds of famous stars like Cher, Queen, Whitney Houston and others, Adria discovered that music is her vocation. At the age of thirteen, she started to study singing and playing the piano. She was determined to […]

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