best ukulele songs

110+ Popular Ukulele Songs You Will Fall In Love With

Honestly speaking, most music sounds soothing and mellow when played on everyone's favorite little stringed instrument, called ukulele. What should we know about the ukulele? Dating back to the 19th century, the ukulele, also called uke, is part of the guitar family of instruments and it ordinarily uses four courses of strings. The best part […]

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jonas brothers new video clip

'Sucker': The Big Return of Jonas Brothers

To the joy of their fans around the globe, the new song of Jonas Brothers, after almost 6 years of silence, was just released. "Sucker" is followed by a ritzy video, which features the JoBros playing in a Victorian mansion along with their beloved ones: Nick's wife - Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Kevin's wife - Danielle […]

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Rock Band Concert

Choosing The Best Live Band For A Corporate Event

Just like food and drinks, music is also another crucial item for any event. However, since everybody enjoys a particular type of music, it can be daunting for event planners to select the right kind of entertainment that will resonate with the needs of all their guests. When it comes to corporate events, most organizers […]

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