Groovez cover

Groovez Dance Community released their third video for the summer

Groovez Dance Community is an open hip-hop dance community. It aims to innovate the contemporary hip-hop world by always searching for the latest trends in the genre while mixing it with other uncommon styles for a modern movement. The community was founded in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its main activities are hip-hop teaching classes and workshops that […]

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GDPR is comming

A Funny GDPR playlist

When everyone "talks" about GDPR ...  Keep calm and GDPR !   May 25, 2018 will remain in history as a memorable date for the entire European world. What happened? The Common European Data Protection Regulation came into force or, in short, the GDPR. In this article, we have handpicked a fun and interesting playlist […]

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the best-serbian songs 2018

TOP-60: Best Serbian Songs 2018

The contemporary Serbian music is developing at an impressive pace. The new big stars are already a fact and they open up entirely different, new horizons for the music business in our western neighbour. Since the energetic Maria Serifovic won the Eurovision song contest back in 2007 with the thrilling hit "Prayer," the Serbian music […]

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