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15 + Less Known Facts about Dua Lipa that Will Blow Your Mind

Up to date, Dua Lipa is a British-Kosovan platinum singer, songwriter, and model. The entire world is going crazy with her unprecedented hits such as “Be the one”, “IDGAF”, “New rules”, and many more. However, there is a bunch of less known facts about Dua Lipa we are dying to share with you. So, let’s […]

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Top 10 Migos Songs that Blew the Charts in 2018

Migos, the American rap trio from Georgia, surely made a strong statement on the world hip-hop scene in 2018 with their new album Culture II which turns out to be a massive commercial and critical success. In fact, it is the second US number-one album of the biggest rap trio. Culture II was officially released […]

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10 music facts that will truly blow your mind - Infographic

Do you consider yourself as a music geek? Do you know some unknown facts about your favorite bands? You can now impress your friends with a bunch of completely random, bizarre and, yet, very intriguing factoids. Feel free to use them for the next family Christmas quiz! We combined all this information in well designed […]

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