Country Guitar girl

Country Music is Still Popular in This Day and Age – Here’s Why

Country Music is a timeless, well-known genre in the music industry. From the 1970’s up until the present day, it has been topping the charts with a significantly growing audience. New artists are emerging daily, choosing that genre to start their singing career with, seeing as how country music always proves to give these new […]

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Country Music is a Lifestyle, Not Just a Genre

Let me ask you something – when was the last time when you listened to a piece of cool, authentic country music by your choice? Odd question, eh? Some of you might laugh or crack a joke (involving cowboys and funny dances). But (hopefully) the rest would agree with me that country music is super […]

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serious dj

DJ Mr.Marino: In 10 year I see myself still being a DJ but on a different scale! All over the world!

Let us present you one of those purveyors of unique, deep, irresistible, hypnotic dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Born and raised in Bulgaria, DJ Mr. Marino is just 30 and already has the full potential and eagerness to overrule the British DJing scene. And we couldn’t be more proud of him! 🙂 He kindly […]

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