Let me ask you something – when was the last time when you listened to a piece of cool, authentic country music by your choice? Odd question, eh? Some of you might laugh or crack a joke (involving cowboys and funny dances). But (hopefully) the rest would agree with me that country music is super cool! It is much more than Western movies, drinking-themed songs, and legends. It’s a state of mind, it represents genuine love for the family and nation.

Gladly, there are a few online platforms, such as Country Thang Daily, which have undertaken the tough job to educate, inform, and inspire us about country music in its today’s shape.

However, this authentic music walked a long and rich path, full of growth, adaptation, and changes over the years.

How country music originated?

In the early 1900s, It was first identified as hillbilly or mountain music, or just traditional music, born of its roots in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. where families would gather singing and playing.

The first recorded country song happened in the 1920s by the singer Eck Robertson.

Then it all started naturally and like a massive wave. The most popular names in that time were Jimmie Rodgers (often called the Father of the country music), The Carter Family, Bill Monroe, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams, Skillet Lickers, June Carter Cash, Dolly Parton and many more.

guitar artist texas

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What are the unique features of country music?

The country music is a genre that would be easily distinguished from any other music on Earth. Here are some of its unique characteristic:


The majority of the country songs carries a “twangy” sound. The vocals range and are chiefly harmonized at the chorus, and you may find it aligned with a third either under or above the melody.


The main topics of the songs include love, family, the difficult life, and poverty of the regular people, farm life, values, loyalty to the country/nation, vehicles, and loneliness.


Every country song is a narrative of a story with characters, dialogue between them, and plot twists.

While sometimes the singer is the star of this story and shares it from the first person, other times he/she is just a narrator.

Acoustic guitar

The sound of every country tune is marked by the boom-chick of an acoustic guitar and the twang of electric or pedal steel.
Bring a banjo and a syrupy violin, then you’ve got the ideal country song!


Which is your favorite country artist or record?

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