[Verse 1]
He was born in the woods
Torn from his home
Well, he was naked
And destined
To be out on his own
And he waited in darkness
Hoping someone might see
From something so rough
What a treasure he'd be

Stronger than steel and wood
Seen me through the bad and good
And when I'm hanging by a string
Every little thing
Is understood
Between Martin and me

[Verse 2]
Well he's hollow in the middle
From the shape that he's in
He's either filled up with music
Or locked in his shell again
And it takes some fine tuning
To make him come around
But he's a huge piece of me
And I'll never put him down


[Verse 3]
He is a good friend
And he has his own voice
And you get what you give
Sometimes it's just noise
But if you treat him well
He will last your life long
And if you're honest and open
Well, he will write you a song
(Write you a song, write you a song)