[Verse 1]
I do not know how much more of this
That I can take
I want you
And I am not going to have you any other way

There is no time for talking
Show me what you got
We are going to get this bed rocking
And it is not going to stop

[Chorus 1]
Roll your body like you do
Do not be afraid to move it
You got everything I like so
Why do not you get right to it
Come on let yourself go crazy
Come on girl, amaze me
I am your judge and jury
So you have to do the time

[Chorus 2]
(You are getting locked up)
(Like it or not)

[Verse 2]
First I am going to search your body over
I got to make sure
You are not hiding nothing nowhere


[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 3]
Tell me how you want it
Tell me how you want it
Oh wait, you better show
You better show me


[Chorus 2]

I am going to
I am going to beat it up, girl
by Genius