[Verse 1]
Doing what you love has a high price to pay
Some put on a suit, but he ran the other way
Drums drown out the yuppies
And the one's who could not dream
Because the freedom music gave him was worth more than anything

They do not know
What they got
Until it is gone
Like it or not
You live on love
You try to do what is right
We are all here waiting for our silver invitation
To the big band in the sky

[Verse 2]
Rolling down the windows
Trying hard to fight the sleep
Money is never much for a band in Tennessee
Another night of playing
To a crowd with no ears
Want to hear the songs they know
And fill their bellies full of beer


[Verse 3]
And when he closed his eyes
Fell into a dream that never dies
And when the thunder comes
You can hear his kick drum in the sky
Feel the rain
Fall from our eyes

by Genius