Ladies and gentleman, ladies and gentleman
Ladies and gentleman
Ladies and gentleman
A super soul brother!

Yu Mamiya
Chop it up
Big respect, baby
Yeah yeah

Yeah (yeah) Yeah (yeah)
All the Love

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
Bitch I ain't ever knew a love like this
Coke and H2O I'm 'bout to flood my wrists
Back in '96 Diego fucked my bitch (fuck my bitch)
It's crazy 'cause ever since then we been on some brother shit
Real east side thuggin' it, VL what I'm fucking with
Steak and shrimp with a bad bitch fuck McDonald's I'm lovin' it
Feds got me on the watchlist, niggas working for the government
Real nigga took the dope and flipped it to the royalties and the publishing [?] nigga try sittin' on big dogs
Imma come through with that smokin' little bitch, but you better not be not [?]
Niggas be tricking, injecting needles in they necks and gettin' them drizzawls
182 grams I'm wipping them yams when your bitch call, she overrated
Quest for multimillions got me motivated (motivated)
I pray this rap shit keep me out the police station (police station) (uh)
'Cause I could go put a little pack out on the street, and that's on nation
Closed casket niggas, shoot them in they faces

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Gang gang, gang gang

[Verse 2: Freddie Gibbs]
Bitch, touch mine it's a homicide boy
It's a definite that Imma slide boy
Shoot a cop on your momma's side boy
Yeah (yeah) send a package and it gotta land boy
Falling like an avalanche boy
Snow falling like an avalanche boy
Vice lord, we the Taliban boy
Black Tony, young Kane train
[?] used to powder her nose, without that yay thang she can't maintain
Tweeks be shooting that shit in their feet, the needle done fucked up their main vein
My uncle overdosed and it broke my heart and that's on insane, I'm shedding tears
Damn, fuck it
They got my nigga Scrill for scamming, gave him seven years
Shipping tax [?] tax frauds, he put me on the biz
Freddie don't fuck with white collar crime, I let that nigga live
Miss all ten shots, I let that nigga live
OGs might smoke me if I don't go back again (damn, psh)
All my losses turning shits to wins
So a king is how I start and end, yeah
So a king is how I start and end, yeah yeah yeah yeah

Kane train in this motherfucking thing, you dig what I'm saying?
Touch mine that's a homicide boy (x2)
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