There, a painting on a wall
It never seems to fall
A girl who has it all
And how, the people always say
She seems to have her way
They talk, but they don't see
The sadness in her eyes
It follows you in time
You go, but you can't hide
It's always on your mind
Wall to wall she goes
Complacent as she grows
The paling of a rose
And how, she dreams of summer sun
And times when she was young
And all things come undone
The sadness in her eyes
You see what she can hide
You hear it in her sigh
The tears she never cried
You see it in her stare
The madness in her hair
The things that fill her head
Of words she never said
The sadness in her eyes
The sadness in her eyes
Some things you'll never find
The seasons of a mind
by Genius