Uh YA, D block europe in the building
Shoutout all the real niggas in the b uilding
Teen dream
Uh, yh smile through dre, Laugh through pain
I dont really think her hearts to say
My little nigga got bagged for a hooting and asked me ay why these niggas snitch on me, Bro i can aim
I told him fam, jail ain't part of the plan
But its part of the game when u bang hammers and your hardeining cane. I feel weird in this rap shit
Feel more at home with this trap shit
Cus all i ever seen was them packs flip
Whitewash three shots in 45 minutes thats a hat trick
You can't relate was raised round killers, dysfunctional family, no no dinners
You rap but u doing know spinners, we bought kids to the hood with them known known killers, im talking real killers, not drillas or hittas
The'yre all in the can. The man that m'd him him him him him and him, there all in the fam, Thats facts act
Come to the video shoot and dont rap akh
Mums life squad video went up in manny we were strapped akh, facts akh
So lemme take u back when it was me and lb
We use to share the same nike air force 1's, now we in LV
Coreleone dropped us our first mash we done a move same night now hes locking that trap rap shutting it down
Really shutting it down, I think about and i smile
We were strapped up at jumma, Thats the first time i saw colours
Back when homes was out of jail, he brang me close to the bruddas
But lemme take you back more, ten years old coming home smell that smoke soon as you open the door as you fight demons in they kitchen
Seen it my whole life but still got rich of addiction
Cus when your heart is so pure, but your mind is so fucked
Makes it easy to hate and so hard to love
Lemme take you back more, knifefights punchups
Blood on my kicks, when gutter got touched i was pissed
We got my man in his back but try slap off his wig
When died that fucked up my shit, could have fainted when she heard i got knicked, hope your seeing me now, hope I'm doing you proud, when i see them its love
I just beep and i smile
I love you but i ain't trusting you
In my team im upfront and the subsititute
No money problems i got trust issues, that fist dont mean nothing when mny little nigga's come for you
Do you know what gets me, what upsets me
I kept it all real when they left me
Meant to be love but they left me
How the fuck did them people forget me
When you take a boy from a hood like mine, never done well in school weren't good like mine
All he's got is a dream, and take away that I'll be back up in court room 13
Another case to beat
Spend about 2 years on bail and ?
All these niggas talk about mashing down cunch, have you ever seen scales, have you ever seen shells
Nina's tucked with gold bottles was our role models, you can't blame us b
That shank complusory, Get him from A to B
So play the game, roll that dice and we still make it look so cold at night
One slip away, I'll be in the station all night, I'm just playing that real mad game called life
Where the locks out in new york, you know the spots
Back in london im waiting for that coke to drop, that oil turn into rock
From Brumtown to south they heard of my squad
So let me end it like this, Teen dream they ain't getting better than this
If i stay in the game then ill end up like, sittin in my cell, thinking how did i end up like this so its either i sell 100,000 and get it like this or get it like bigs
Top shotta ting, stop banging my weapon like fish
D block europe

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