[Intro: KirbLaGoop & Yung Bruh]
Aye man, shout out my cousin Yung Bruh
LSD on my damn tongue
You know how the fuck we boom
I'm Yung Bruh
Squad shit
Shout out KirbLaGoop
Forever baby
Hunnid thousand, Star Trek, Foreverboys
Shout out my cousin Snook on the beat
Boom, boom, boom

[Chorus: Yung Bruh]
You niggas always talk bout what you do (shut the fuck up)
Do like me, just chill and sip some brew
You not third eye just cause you ate some shrooms (nah, nah)
Rap game like school, Yung Bruh I'm the nigga that's new (Woah, woah)
Every girl that I meet fall in love 'cause I stay true
If you a bitch I'mma fuck yo face and then we through
I'ma get rich one day, can't forget about niggas I knew
I remember them days snortin' piss, drinkin' liqu' in school
No flexican star man, fuck around just like Goop
Three deep in the whip, tryna get to the nigga that boom
Gotta stay positive like "What would Jesus do?" (Huh, huh?)
I'm a real ass nigga, bitch I don't need no proof
Fuck you

[Verse 2: KirbLaGoop]
I could bring it right to you (Right to you)
I could bring it right to her (Right to her)
Drop blocks off, moon rocks off
Whoadie make it work (I make it work)
I make it skrrt (Skrt, skrt)
I make her skeet (Skeet, skeet)
Could take her off of feet, cause I keep it G (Whoadie)
Got two three's, bruh got the LSD (Got acid)
We keep em by the sheet (Whole bottle)
We got what you need (we do)
Still whippin' them Os, cooking over the stove
Kirb known trying have them to a ho
(?), smoking massive dope
Don't close the track, that's all I know
Remember them days I used keep a deuce-deuce (Deuce-deuce)
Now these days I keep a .40 in the coupe (Doop, doop, doop)
What you need lil' whoadie? I can serve you, it's on my person (It's on my person)
I got X, weed, lean 'bout to serve it out the excursion (Serve)
You need it? I got it, told you I could do it (I could do it)
Whoadie keep it boomin', that shit hoe already recruited (I recruit her)
I put her on the team, maybe give her a lil' weed, see if she could sell it on the scene (Sell that weed)
She gon' show you what she mean when she pop the ice cream, weigh it up on the triple beam (Hot damn)

[Verse 3: Yung Bruh]
Yung Bruh, KirbLaGoop, no niggas tryna make these moves
Smokin" loud pack, high as hell, I could face the moon
Bitch I'm Yung Bruh, I can fuck any girl I choose
I don't give a fuck bout them, girl it's something 'bout you
Have you ever tripped off LSD or ate some shrooms?
If not you might not like me ,'cause that's all I do
I was smoking blunts while you was sittin' in school
I don't give a fuck I'ma do what the fuck I do

[Outro: KirbLaGoop & Yung Bruh]
Yung Bruh
Shoutout KirbLaGoop
Man Yung Bruh my turn
Niggas strugglin' now, see us working through
You know how we rock, Star Trek hunnid
by Genius