Let’s take an odyssey through time and space to a place
Where all the girls wear blue and the boys wear leashes
At least when there is a difference
Remember the chick you called fat so she’d starve herself?
Now she’s wearing a strap-on and slapping your ass with Orion’s belt
While you’re hanging from the ceiling

One of her boyfriends introduced her to you
Now he’s one of your boyfriends, 'cause you wanna impress her

This is how the world ends
With you getting banged by a leathered-up trans man on the viewscreen
On Earth you had your macho, your booze, and your pick-up lines
But now it’s the future, and in the new world
You can only get girls if you suck a lotta dick

Cruisin’ on the trans starship feminist BDSM paradise

Now, Claire and Joe said if you have the time
You can watch her put her penis into his vagina
But if mistress calls, you’ll have to decline
Your girl insists you’re a bottom slut
You’re inclined to agree while getting fucked in the butt
As she watches, from the middle of the plaza on Deck 5

This is how the world ends
If you won’t wear a skin-tight jockstrap, then no one’ll want you
The things you have to stoop to to get any love around here
Well maybe you like it, flexing your pecs
While your nerdy girlfriend jills off to you sucking on a dick

Cruisin’ on the trans starship feminist BDSM paradise

Well you had never been receiver in the anal sex
'Til you got it from a boy who bleeds double-X
And with a whiplash you're taken to task
For all the things you did before the patriarchy was smashed
Now you're tied down by the watchful eyes
Of all the women that you'd ever objectified
They said to cishet men, “Go and fuck yourselves”
And the best part is that this is what you wanted

This is how the world ends
With the blast of a warp drive powered by your cis male tears
For every catcall there’s a cat o’ nine tails comin’ at ya
It’s a utopia, ‘cause in the new world
You’ll get beaten by a girl ‘cause you’re such a fuckin' dick

Cruisin’ on the trans starship feminist BDSM paradise
by Genius