[Verse 1]
Why is everything I do a
Motherfucking failure?
See her leave and then I impale her
You didn’t get what you were just told
Put your hand on my chest yeah my heart is really cold yuh
Look into my eyes and you’ll see no soul
When I die you know hell will be totally froze
Wiping off these tears while I sing these notes
Holding my head high as I write my woes yuh
Writing all these songs
Is it all for nothing?
Never ever bluffin
I know it’s cunnin
Never ever stuntin
It’s all for nothing
Yeah Roll a quick blunt my life is fucked
Fool me once I say shame on you
Fool me twice consider me a fool
I want to run away
Run away with you
Yeah she thinks I’m really
Really fucking cool only a fool bitch

You know I stay lit
Say some lyrical shit
Then you all fucking flip
I think I might dip
You will never see me again
Even if you’re a friend
Body filled with the chems shit

[Verse 2]
Lungs filled with phlegm
Fuck it smoke the pointy stems
Who is Joseph? I never
Never fuck wit him
Everyday is a sin
Mix the vodka with the gin
Never ask me how I been
I gotta Fucked up chin
Never ever crack a grin

[Verse 3]
Never did plan to win
Flip the fucking tempo up
Never played in a club
Please Slow this shit down
Fuck that bitch
I meant proper noun
Dont declare me a clown
I’m straight up hell bound
Purest of the hounds
Bitch I think I’m fucking down
Slipping is my gold crown
by Genius