[Verse 1]
Puffy cotton clouds hanging still in the summer sky
Golden muggy forest find a shady spot to nap awhile
Hot sun having fun
Burning all the grass to go
Tie a rope around a branch and fly into a swimming hole
In Ohio Ohio Ohio o hi o

[Verse 2]
I miss the trees looking skinny in the winter air
Train tracks take me back to where I do not have a care
Slide on heavy boots and slide out on a frozen river
Snow plow did me out
The atmosphere here makes me shiver
In Ohio Ohio Ohio o hi o

[Verse 3]
Broken branches little twigs drooping down into the dirt
Sky cries I button up and huddle down inside my shirt
Bees a buzz'n howdy cousin cherry blossom skinny trees
There is nowhere else the air's fair and that is what I think
Of Ohio Ohio Ohio o hi o
by Genius