[Verse 1]
Pluck that guitar all day long
Never guilty never wrong
Just enough money to buy ome quality food
Life was so smooth
Then something clicked we're not sure what
Got the gold if you got the guts
Let us get the check cause we don't want to be rude
Their fancy alcohol stew
It was a ledger at the pleasure come through

Good morning tycoon
Good morning tycoon
Surrounded by solid oak and silver spoons
Good morning tycoon
Good morning tycoon
You want the sun you settle for the silver moon
Silver moon

[Verse 2]
Unexpected pleasure boat
Electric drawbridge shark-filled moat
Is it hard to kick it in those diamond shoes?
Course you've never been boo'ed
That's why the paparazzi ate it up
And the shutter shut not opened up
And you tried to drive
The roof is up up
The monster crew
Now you're glued to the tube
Watching yourself watching the world stay tuned


Good morning (x11)
by Genius