Birds gave up tryna wake me up
I slept straight through the morning
And I'm still yawning now
All these distractions
Keep me from hanging out
No, I don't feel I could ever
Be myself around them
But when you're around me (When you're around me)
I feel like I could do all things
When you come towards me (When you come towards me)
My heart beats like bird wings
And I never knew love (I never knew love)
Was something I dreamed of so much
But seeing your face, love (Seeing your face, love)
I know I've seen it before (I've seen it before)
And it's so clear to me
I found my destiny
And it's holding on to your heart
It's clear to me
I found my missing piece
It's your heart
And it's safe and sound
Safe and sound with me
by Genius