Yeah, Lets get real comfortable
Lay back
Lemmie tell you what i'm thinkin'

[Verse 1]
We known each other
For some time
I think it's time (sorry baby)
I been havin' visions
Fantasies (Fantasies)
Am I out of line

Just back into it
And let it touch (touch)
Come on and move
And let it touch (touch)
We cannot lose
Just let it touch (touch)
I will be true
Come on and let it touch

I see you naked
I'm bout to do it with the lights on (hold on)
Keep the lights on (wait)
Your right wit me next to my bed
Giving me head

[Verse 2]
My eyes have seen
Nothin like you
Wanna bite you
So Sweet
Not tryna be
But I just want to get you


When you walk in
In your sexy lingerie
In the middle of the doorway
(keep the lights on)
You know what I'm sayin
Ima take it off slowly
Peel you like a banana

Oh baby by the way (Oh baby by the way)
Tell me no I want you (tell me no I want you)
Cause you know at the end of the day (Cause you know at the end of the day)
Everything is up to you (Everything...yeah right)


Now we close to the end
Keep the lights on (wait a minute)
I'm comin' to you, real slow

Yo everybody
How you feelin out there?
I wanna thank ya'll
For partying with me, yeah
Oh yeah
You can turn the lights off now
by Genius