[verse 1]
Say she want the dick but can't take much
She a lil' petite bitch, wear a a-cup
One move wrong And I swear I won't take much
My niggas kick it, these lil' niggas fake punt
That lil bitch holdin' grudges forever
Cuz I fuck on her friend and ain't tell her
Tell her baby you ain't gotta be jealous
I got enough dick to fuck both y'all together
So that's a threeway
Baby I don't play
I never been in the EA
Think I'm winnin' the race, this ain't no relay
Yo bitch heard NoCap, its on replay
She said "my friend said you just fuck and duck"
Don't believe nothin' that she say
Me and Grimeyy the hottest in the Lou'
These fuck niggas just tryna ride the heatwave
[Refrain] but I won't let em'
And I won't let up
We hop out the car if we catch sum'
And I'm shootin this Glock in the name of Christ
Lil' nigga, I'm shootin to bless sum'
[Chorus]after that watch his people say rest up
Wish his momma and daddy the best luck
Her son was wrong for talkin that shit
So we had to pull up, correct sum'
[Verse 2]
They say Murdaa a boxer and hooper
Nah bitch I'm a killer and shooter
I ain't tryna fuck on yo lil coochie
I heard that its loose an kickin' like Hyoki
Bitch this a charger not a fusion
Thought we was stuck right in there fuedin
Till Grimeyy had bust a lil U-ie and Doobie start shootin
She said "Murdaa can you buy me Louis, if not that then can you buy me Gucci?"
I told the bitch nah, that she Eazy-E
Yo ass should have signed to Ruthless
NoCap just hit 2 Milion
Go watch that if you niggas and veiwed it
And nigga that's Tay Flow tried to drop a dis, you bitch ass had reused it
Bitch i won't let up
Glock no berreta
We hoppin out cars tryna catch sum
And we smokin yo homie, this nigga gas
Tell them goofies come match sum'
This the game, bitch you best keep yo neck up
Wish yo momma and daddy the best luck
Her son was wrong for talkin that shit
So we had to pull up correct sum'
by Genius