NLE Choppa
NLE, Top Shotta shit (Pyroman)
Don dada, yeah, don dada
Ayy, yeah, yeah

Her pussy is wet like the water (The water), she call me a jet ski (A jet ski)
She say that I'm fine, she say that I'm sexy, she wanna sex me (She wanna fuck)
Back then I was broke, they called me a joke, and they wouldn't text me (They wouldn't text me, nah)
Now she digestin' my kids like it was ecstasy

Bitch, I got it out the mud like I'm Lil Baby (Out the mud)
And I got a lot of bodies like I was a rapist
If 12 pull me over, I'ma try to race 'em
If he got a lot of bricks, I'ma try to snake him
Kill a nigga, put his body in the trunk (Trunk)
Meditated with my gun like a monk (Like a monk)
Murder on my mind, screamin', "Redrum"
Open up your mouth when I'm finna cum
Bitch, I'm ballin' every season, call me Roddy Ricch (Ricch)
Made an oath to my gang that I won't ever switch
I cut down my grass 'cause I can hear the hiss
My Glock on my hip and it's pokin' out my 'fit
I just copped another Sprinter, it is not a rental (Not a rental)
Bitch, I'm eatin' Percocets like a chicken tender
Gave a bitch the wood, then she caught a splinter
Rockin' Moncler in the fall and the winter
Bitch, get up off me, I already nutted
You see the doorknob, bitch, you better touch it (Bitch)
They say that I'm crazy, my gun, I'm clutchin'
The way I grew up, man, a nigga was rugged
You open your legs but I want you to suck it
Call a nigga MC 'cause you better not touch me
Lay a finger on this chain, I'm uppin' my thang and knockin' your muffin
Diamond on my neck, AP on my wrist
Red dot on my stick, when I up, don't miss
Old dumb ass ho tried to give me a kiss
Smack a bitch in the face, tell her suck this dick
So many Percs, bitch, I'm too damn high
I was so damn high that I thought that I died
My bitch, she a rider like Bonnie and Clyde
One day, swear to God, I'ma make her a bride
Clutchin' my metal, I'm clutchin' my stick
If you run up on me, you get hit with this bitch
Got an AR-15 and it might overheat
So a nigga just bought another coolant kit
I'm a big dawg up in the game
You a poodle, I'm a Great Dane mixed with a pit'
And I'm on some Osama Bin Laden shit 'cause a nigga finna tick
Glock on my hip so I limp when I walk
She got my dick on her breath every time she talk
You would think I got AIDS 'cause a nigga too raw
God made me perfect, I ain't got no flaws
Your sack get took, bitch, I got your bricks
Got a long ass stick like I'm blind in this bitch
If you playin' hide and seek, we gon' find that bitch
Fuck a .30 cal', I got a nine in this bitch
Call a nigga Big Snoop 'cause a young nigga Crippin'
And if I catch him slippin', then he come up missin'
I'ma shoot up his house, he gon' die while he shittin'
Shoot that boy in the head, he ain't doin' no healin', yeah

NLE, bitch
Top Shotta, nigga
Know what the fuck goin' on
CashMoneyAP, what up with it, nigga?
Bitch ass nigga, ho ass nigga
Love you, nigga
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