I'm all of them mixed n one
Killin niggas

Boosie Bad Azz nigga

I'm James Harden on these pussy niggas
Ty [?] on these rookie niggas
Like Jigga Man I used to cook it nigga
Like Snow Man I used to whoop it nigga
Like Adrian Peterson, I get stronger
As the game, it get longer
I like blood red like Game homie
But I ain't up in no gang homie
Like Gucci Mane, 20 chains on me
Like Young Thug, I keep them thangs on me
My Day 1s, we play for keep
Like Lil Durk and Young Reek
They love me up in my city boy like Mr. Fab in tha Bay boy
Like Snoop Dogg, I blow dat
Florida love me like Kodak

I'm all that and I'm mixed n one
Talent, ain't missin' none
Ima keep on shittin' on niggas, keep on shittin' on niggas

I'm all that and I'm mixed n one
Talent, ain't missin' none
Ima keep on shittin' on niggas, Boosie, I'ma keep shittin on niggas

Bobby Shmurda in my city boy
D.A hate me, and tha police too
Got a sweet deal like Chief Keef
And they can't touch my shows too
Boy I'm on my T.I. shit
Clothing line on fire too (Jewelhouse)
Like Fab nigga, I got my own swag
And my hair cut on fire too (Boosie fade)
Like 2Pac, I spit tha real
So BooPac my nickname
Swagged out like Eazy E
I'm like Yo Gotti in my white thang
Like Meek nigga, I'm from tha streets nigga
Like Meek nigga, I'm in that Black Rolls
Like Drake nigga, I got bad bitches
Run my city like he run Toronto
Like 2 Chainz I get them bags
I be on his side, on Old Nat
Like Trick Daddy, I'm from tha hood
I'm good there, and I can go back
Like Rich Homie, I'm rich homie
Riding round wit' that stick on me
Sperm strong like P. Diddy
Like Puff, I love my kids homie


I'm Cam Newton on these fuck niggas
Smile, and talk shit fo' I truck niggas
Like Offset, I'm fucked up
Middle finger like fuck the judge
Like Rick Ross, I'm a big boss
Like Kanye, my bitch raw
Like Weezy dawg, Ima legend dawg
I been in it 15 years or better dawg
Big pieces like Busta Rhymes
Like Remy Ma, don't fuck wit' mine
Like Stunna nigga, I keep a bankroll
In Fayetteville, I'm like J. Cole
Like Big Sean, I'm looked over
Like DMX, my life like a roller coaster
I'm probably even bigger than Kendrick up in Oakland
Nigga Ima menace up in Oakland
Like NAS nigga, I go off
Like YG, I'm 400
Like Plies bitch, I'm at tha Ritz Carlton
Like Fif, I can do a lot of shit talkin'
Crips love me like Nipsey nigga
Like Webbie nigga, I stay tipsy nigga
Like Floyd nigga, I'm straight G
I'm bout Choppa City like BG

by Genius