[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
I'm a no good sinner, ain't been to church in a minute
Next time I go I might be front row with my suit tailor fitted
Bet they put kush up in my casket optimos with some swishers
My soul won't rest until my niggas smoked them bitches that did it
On any given day, you could be nothing but a pistol play
Lookin for a nigga with some bricks to weigh
Put a bullet in em we could split the ye
Gotta be up on em when the liq come through
Hit em at his crib what his clique gon do?
Show up at the door with the mask on and if his family home then we gon kill them too
Hold on- now thats some cold shit
As I approach this drugged out hypnosis
Now my blunts is way too laced up I must have doubled my doses
Got me posted feeling hopeless and lokin with no emotion
Through my actions at the moment I'm knowin just where I'm goin
Straight to hell

I live on my cellphone
Can’t eat till the scale gone
I gotta make this money even if I don’t make it wrong
My fist on my scale man
One foot in the jail man
I'm flying down the interstate
I'm on the highway to hell

[Repeat x2]
I'm talmbout that talmbout don't talk aloud when you talkin bout this
Nigga what you talkin bout bitch?
Ya'll hoes ain't talkin bout shit

[Verse 2: Bun B]
Sittin in a crib with a mac and a pump and a nine and a k and a sack and a blunt
Had a little beef in the back with a chump now I'm thinkin bout more than just smacking him up
Ain't that serious but I just made it
I appreciate how we played it
Now I'm finna leave the boy sedated
Put his ass in the ground, straight faded
Stand in my nickel plated
Body chunks and steel and plastic
Should I just let him make it?
I mean he already got his ass kicked
What kinda point imma make that I ain't already made with my hands?
Do I need to inflate my ego makin him do that murder man dance?
What if I give this nigga a chance and let him walk away
And he decide he want revenge and run up on me another day?
Today I got the drop on a bitch
But tomorrow he might be faster
God please forgive me if I have to go ahead and just kill this bastard


[Verse 3: Freddie Gibbs]
I'm a no good sinner, been sellin dope all winter
But by summer 2002 imma be on chrome spinners
And my cousin got me coppin cocaine from some cold killers
By the fall of 2002 I fuck with the wrong niggas
On any given day, never bring the fuckin police this way
Heard he got caught with a brick but the motherfucker snitched and just got released this May
Talmbout that talmbout
Niggas named gettin called out
Take a stand on me bitch and mafuckas bound to get taped up at yo mamas house
Now thats some cold shit
As I approach this drugged out hypnosis
Lace my blunts with pharmaceuticals I quadruple my doses
Just the usual
Freddie fucks with them shooters ho
So dont get get your shit shot up bitch
But you know where you could go
Send em straight to hell

by Genius