Oh I can see the neon in your eyes
Everytime that you catch my
I ain't shy so don't you look away

Baby why you tryna play it safe
I know I'm the girl I'm supposed to just
Sit here and watch you while you guess my drink
Less soda more vodka lets get to the
Part where you bring it on over to me

Baby would you mind? Baby would you mind? If I made it easy on you
If I made it easy on you. I can read between the lines
I know whats on your mind
So let me make it easy on you
Let me make easy, would that be okay with you

If I could make myself so obvious
Put your lips on my lips
Baby I know I should stare at the floor
And just wait till you lift up my chin
I know what I want and I get what I
Want so right now can I just pull you in

Im batting my eyes
My signals and signs, I'm trying to be crystal clear
You can let go and just go with the flow
And you're all in with this girl right here

Baby would you mind. Baby would you mind
If I made it easy on you. If I made it easy...
by Genius