Paint my grey life, take my pain, I pray
I ain’t just anybody, I know
I know, I know, I know
Take my bait I make my bae my prey
You can’t trust everybody, I know
I know, why oh, why oh

[Verse 1]
I think I don’t deserve to be loved
And I need you to prove me wrong
So get your sweet little ass up on this cheap pillow mattress
Under me where you belong
I do anything to get to you
Anything from simple to drastic
I’m a fire sign the element resembles my passion
I know you done been surrounded by the phoniest cast
And that’s why you lit up with joy when I ripped you from the plastic
Now you through with the package, you through with the past
I told you all about yourself and you just knew it was magic
But I don’t think it’s realistic that we ever could last
Cus girl we clash plus it looks like I found you at a pageant


[Verse 2]
They all watching now
And every girl has been approaching me with caution now
Saw her picture and assume that’s who I’m knocking down
It’s dead, chalk it out, heart in a coffin now
So what’s the options now?
I sit and zone off a
Hydrocodone, as I unfold you see how high I rose
She let me wade in her waters, she love how I flow
But it’s too late for a lover, she was like, “How’d I know?”
Girl I be damned if I waited this long to cuff a (X3)

I pray, I pray
I know, I know, I know


...I pray
by Genius