Turn me up a little bit
I don't wanna sound like I'm mad at nobody
Full extravagant
You know where I'm from

Look, you know the dog, I'm a different pedigree
I be so involved, I might get accessory
Haters salty, diamonds do the Pepper Seed
And what these babies cost me, I should do a registry
All this jealousy will never get the best of me
Finish runnin' your mouth and check the legacy
You'll never F with me, so tell 'em S a D
Cars so foreign, I park 'em at the embassy
Yellin', "Hi, hater", goin' Al-Qaeda
You in my neighborhood, you better be a mob player
Try a playa, the (?) look like an eye laser
I been comin' off the hip before the SkyPager
Who let the little league into the major league?
Who tryin' to get with me, knowin' I play for keeps?
You'll never tame the beast, whoever claim I'm weak
Apologize like Kevin Hart before the tape release
Geesh, let's keep it short, I'm on the go
Who wanna smoke with Writer, ever though he's on parole?
I come through with the semi, lookin' Jaffe Jo
He gon' do me like Remy, (?) on my PO
I'm so mafio, even the mobsters know
Banana clips stickin' out, look like a lobster roll
Get a load of me before I let them choppers blow
You got some dope for me, you better bring it, rapido
Tryin' to be rival, you must be off the meds
You don't get it right, believe you gettin' all this lead
Who's as nice as me? I put 'em all to bed
Niggas biting me, shit feel like The Walking Dead
DJ Khaled know I'm great with the bars
Son couldn't hang with me if his name was Asahd
Whatchu say, you a God? That's 'cause you rooks don't understand the culture
You in the field but you look light as Sammy Sosa
Yeah, there ain't nobody sicker
Who really your favorite rapper if I wrote for that nigga?
If I wasn't, half of ya'll wouldn't even notice that nigga
You ain't notice that nigga? Huh
You lyrically in trouble, forget the help I get it off the muscle
Guiseppe belt look like somebody scribbled on the buckle
Dominican, I hustle, the school be over grind
Sound like I'm gettin' off but I'm doing overtime
It's over
by Genius