[Letra de "nagasaki"]

[Verso: Baskiat]
Im be on ma' loud stone
When I pick up the phone I be talkin' to god
Devil on ma' skin, I let sink
And won't tell him to stop
Let it drop
4 millies of acid
And i'm 'bout to fly
'Bout to die
Out for 7-2
But still hear papa cry
Like a dream
Ballin' everyday
Like im seventeen
Out da gym, partys tipo o Ray
'Cause u neva' seen
You niggas got them guns with no magazines
Ma' homies ain't no actors
Solving problems without makin' scenes
I be 'bout that hungry life
Grindin' every day 'cause I been trynna' make that money right
Every fuckin day g, men ain't stoppin' for that sunday night
Wake up on that monday night
Trappin' like a star
Men all that flow be feelin' fuckin tight
So damn hard
It bе hiting like its ready fo' fight
Punch to your face nigga ain't stoppin' 'till you see thе light
Ain't stoppin' t'ill you see the light
by Genius