Running in the same spot in my mind like a treadmill
Too much in my head so I let it spill
Death is inevitable
Never encourage others to kill
I got other bars that are clever and Hella better
And outside it's getting cold so I guess it’s sweater weather
Trying to be a billionaire like diddy but I can't make a band
But it feels so different with the mic in my hand want to fly like MJ but I never land and I ain't gotta pin heads to be dirty dan
Check out the bar without the red beams to go scan every now and then I got to think about quitting going through with-drawl rap to me is like addiction
But I’d be lying if I said I was the victim
Reading all the warning labels but I wouldn't listen
All drugs aside I'm talking about spittin
Watchuknow about pacing back-and-forth in the kitchen
Bills are overdue and you're getting evicted
Jamming out to the instrumentals getting tunnel vision
Hoping you could see the light escape the underground
Every time they get it right they switch up the sound it's a circus act here comes another another clown
Want to see the sun but all the rest of thunder clouds it's no wonder how no wonder that I'm living in the past
Tell the DJ to run it back no more mumble rappers take em back back and bring back b.i.g and tu pac
Revive hip hop
Wanna be at the top and never stop
Till I leave them with their jaws dropped
Always thought I was destined for nothing
But now that I've acquired shit you hear them running
It’s none of they business to check me out
Cause in the ends it’s not what I'm about
Practicing what you preach
So I guess I’m a reverend
I don't want no fake people in my life
And you better think twice
Before you get crucified like Jesus Christ
Do what you gotta do and leave me be
Always hungry for more so they put a stake in my heart
And can't wait till I fall apart like I'm posty
But imma keep em posted
Till the day I’m dropped
But then they'll realize I can't be stopped
by Genius