[Verse 1: ?]
Jackboys badly wanna jack me
You know I keep smacking bundles right where the stacks be
Going hard, running that raw like a track meet
You know I ain't got a fucking mile on a rap sheet
But I’m still that rapper, who’s a well known trapper
And blows money because he’s one hell of a bachelor
Hauling and ball-hogging, why try to match him?
I mustard the flow, y’all still trying to catch up
Whip the soft white like a jar of that mayo
Packaging fishscale, with my digital that make you spit a earl
You get the [?], little girl in your world
The white I get out the pipeline, light as a pearl
American Gangster, killer city, Tookie Williams
Y’all beef and jawjack, we just shoot to kill ‘em
On a mission and a nigga ain't stopping me
Trying to invest and gets some niggas front property

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Too many flavors to ever be duplicated
That’s why the ladies get so elated every time they see me
Louie V. beanie, Countach Lamborghini
With a couple of Swedish sweeties rocking string-bean bikinis
Try to pull me over for speeding, I will be leaving
Shawty give me head, in her mouth I will be skeeting
I’m in Italy meeting with models I will be sleeping
Will probably do three of four of those in the evening
After that I’m leaving, back to the United States
Ol’ ass Chevy, brand new paper plates
I’m trying to be a star like the side of my Bathing Apes
I’m headed to the bar, everybody get a taste
Sipping that red wine, smoking them grape vines
Taking pictures for my niggas who off in them cell blocks doing that fed time
Just to show ‘em what I’m living what I’m saying in my rhymes

[Verse 3: Street Wiz]
It’s high tech, why yes, rhyme veterans
Statutory raping hot tracks, flame [?]
I’mma keep it coming like some weather never letting up
You shutting up because your girlfriend, I wet it up
I’m clever but the magician running with me crazy
Them fast [?] got me switching out the windows lately
My game tighter than your vision
At first you thought you saw him for a second, now you missing
And I’m a real pimp, in your dreams, it’s realer than it seems
I’m twilight zone and you missing in between
Check, it’s non-stop, tick-tock in attendance
If money is the object than I’m starring in the scrimmage
Running back the intercept, scoring every minute
I’m rolling coast-to-coast, chiefing on spinach
5950 fine brimmer
Snapshots of the ladies of [?] I be [?] in the winter
The hottest click of the summer
Fly boy pimping sky high when you look up
Bitch catching whiplash, the magic got her shook up
Admire how I’m playing my cards, the green trap star
Plush with the lyrics how I’m lacing these bars

[Verse 4: Young Roddy]
I used to have a hood rat, now I’ve got a boss bitch
Started with small cash, now I stack large chips
I had a small gun, but I kept a large clip
A team of gorillas to make them niggas forfeit
And I ain't never had shit, was hungry like an orphan
God damn right, I risk my life to make a fortune
I switched my hustle and now a nigga banking
Shit, and all the weed smoke had a nigga stanking
The [?] held me down like an anchor
I’m from a spot where they hide crack by they anus
It’s getting hard to live, you know how the block go
I love my mom to death for playing my pop’s role
And every other day, a nigga [?] from the cops, yo
We bust back when them cats let them shots go
And now I’m making major cash
It feel good to get my money back in paper bags
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