[Verse 1: JPEGMAFIA]
Yeah, it's like
29 and I’m feelin' old, hey
40 in my mans (My man), 50 in my hand (My hand), bitches, eh
Uh, outside your apartment, nigga (Hahahaha)
I ain't no K-Mart shopper, but you’s a target, nigga (Yeah)
Young Peggy, I'm heartless, nigga (Yeah, yeah)
Too much shit on my mind (Haha)
I'mma kill you regardless, nigga (Damn)
I ain't even gon speak on that (Mhm)
I ain't even gon tweet, I'll rap (Uh-huh)
These niggas be snitchin' for nothin' (Uh)
I can’t be shit with that (Brrt)
I know these industry niggas ain’t never seen no trap (I'm not them)
Bitch, I know genuine killers and they don’t fuckin' rap (Shh)
These niggas be built like gorillas, but they can't fuckin' scrap (Nope)

[Refrain: JPEGMAFIA]
I hate you niggas more than I hate myself, self

[Verse 2: JPEGMAFIA]
You fuck niggas touch my body
I’m shootin', don't care if you act
Get squad, I'll handle the MAC
Set niggas up like, "Mhm"
It's young Natalie Port
That girl's been right next door
You's a killer yourself, but you got no rapport
Heard you be kickin' doors
We made 'em kiss the floor, yeah

[Refrain: JPEGMAFIA]
I hate you niggas more than I hate myself
by Genius