Lights out when the mic's out
Bout to hit the west coast and hype crowds

Boi I don't need help
Tryna getting something to write down
Kids at high school looked down on me
But they out of sight now

Oh you wanna go hang out well too late
People I meet tend to be two faced
Gotta keep it real,hold up let me rephrase
Saying I'm trash but you just got bad taste

When I'm in a bad state your bout to catch a bad fade
Judge my raps,no listen, that's fair race
Everyone been in a rat race
Once they see me win they lookin like Woah Vicky, rat face

Bars so sick that you just got the flu
They didn’t think i would go make it through
Got heat in my jeans like a dryer do
You got lead in your head like a lier do

Who knew i ruled in 8 different continents
Topilin doctrines ,ominous dominance
Incredibly prominent book is a document
Sponsor this knowledge i keep all my confidence

Slaying, been taken, elevation, ain't no complicated
Games in which you playin levitating with no hesitation
Rhymes I am makin, constantly waiting for me to escape
And, I'm prayin that ill make it out this cage

Before i start
You wouldn't notice me

I'm not making no payments
I'm not signing no papers down those dark games
I'm banking, my money on other legacies,rest in peace

And best you leave, or start testing me
I'm blessin the prophecy, peace!
I recklessly, step to beats, like a grand slam ,god damn Plot twisting entity

Fed up with my life, I'm agitated beyond belief
Honestly, I'm not a g, I don't follow, gotta lead
Talk is cheap. a lot of people are a mockery robbin me
Now I'm a demon with my artillery

I'm headed to fame and I know it's coming
Threats never matter cause most of em only bluffing
Growing up is tough and I still haven't grown accustomed
Look in the mirror and I'm so disgusted, lonely from it

A bi polar, emotion roller coaster
Like Yoda with the force of aggression
Cause I've been sober
And I hate it

I feel degraded from my past
Isolated fakin like none of it got me sad
But the shame of it all, I'm too invested to quit
I reminisce on all the pain that I could never forget

My music burns in the 3rd degree
Skin graft surgery, all of lingering,and disturbing me
Hard to see, cause my life is always in emergency
Wrong skin tone involve you in a burglary

Better than crippin
Never did it
Cause dead or sent to prison
The definition of ghetto livin

I'm not a killer but I will if you entice me
Had to join the army, the thought of killing excites me
Peer pressure is a beast, with the wrong crowd
Never been a g, but it's on now

How'd it come to this
Facing a felony
I take it like a man
Never rat while they tell on me

Interrogation for a day straight, need a lawyer
I'm no informer, the truth can avoid ya

Facts mean more than what they say it is
I’m hoping they find out what day it is
Cause god don't reply to no prayers
Cause nobody taking the time to answer his
by Genius