So sick with these raps, got these other rappers sticking on masks
You're built to be last, wish you would when I grip on this ax
You're an accident waiting to happen, you crash dummy
You just trash to me, blast crummies, laugh when I wrap mummies
You're a temporary, I'm forever, I'm just bidin' my time
Warrin' on the White House lawn, I'm out of my mind
Love trumps hate, better say that loud and clear
I don't ride beats, I ride the waves of MAGA tears
I'm monumental, drop the best verse like every year
Every word I say is helpin' the youth
'Cause you yell in the booth don't mean that you tellin' the truth
The sun can't even look at me 'cause I'm so brighter
When I die I'm gonna be my own ghostwriter
Everybody loves me to death, man, that's unhealthy
Rappin' on a high budget, every line is so wealthy
You're about as broke as my broken English
You are finished, pop out your eyes like I ate this spinach
I don't draw pistols, I draw stick figures
They say I can't run the game 'cause I got a thick figure
These little dudes just mad 'cause I'm built bigger
But me, man, I'm totally chill, my presence like a cool breeze
Kick rhymes that are so cold it'll make you freeze
Police come knockin' on my door, they wanna know, how I do it
Get that pork off your plate though, that pork is demonic
Good people will vomit when eatin' that garbage
Hey, I eat whole grain, yeah, I'm the goat with it
Handle bars like Armstrong, yeah, I'm real dope with it
And my arms strong, call me the flexin' squad
If I don't win any award, that's election fraud
Not a lot of pride I've got, don't think outside the box
'Cause the box thinks outside of me, it's time I clock
All of the hours where I've tried to rock, that's why I shock
Electrifying, only applying for the boss positions
Never lying, always complying with the boss descriptions
I just wanna eat the rich and leave with their room's looted
Leavin' you speechless like your Zoom's muted
Fly without a cape, high without the daze
Slide without the brakes, drive without a trace
Can't duplicate it, too amazin', shoes are blazin'
Foolish of you to think you can move with greatness
Always chasin' the chase, I do be racin'
I'm a left-field on the highway kind of guy
Eatin' tacos with my senorita on my mind
I don't sit on thrones any more, I chill on bean bags
After having conquered everything, I just lean back
My haters are my biggest fans like wind turbines
You bitches are like Cleopatra 'cause you stay in denial
Can't stop my grinning, I keep on winning
The end of the world is just my beginning
Bro, the end of the world is just my beginning
by Genius