So its six in the morning
Im up, i got my T-shirt Tucked
Sour Diesel in my blood, falling in and out of lust
And i got the midas touch
See its golden everywhere, golden rings and golden fangs
Look at me im very rare
Domination in my plans
Been too nice, come catch these hands
Roll another raw
Fuck the law, fuck the cops,fuck the jury and the opps
Fuck you Essex County niggas that was chillin in the back
Fuck my ex, she bougie now
And she dont text me back
Fuck that nigga that she's with
And her friends can suck a dick
Its been too long for my niggas (yea)
I rather die for my niggas (yaa)
But would they die for me?
Poppin pills is not for me
Ima dog, get pedigree
And my fantasies is filled with killing niggas that be doubting me
Speech impeded, count me out
Stupid fly, we headed south
Backwood got me coughing while im laying in my coffin
Fuck my stutter, Fuck my teachers yall ain't taught me shit
Fuck ya' chains and fuck ya' clout
Cycle came, i fucked her mouth
Im a dirty bastard, I got roaches saved for rainy days
My clan full of stoners, so my rocky days will fade away
I hate you niggas
Yall forever in my debt since you dont credit niggas
And I shouldve had abortions since i birth you niggas
Im the shy skinny kid with the fro, smokin' dro
On the low, Papa knew what you do when you backed up
Bitches tryna act up
But i need three wishes on the road to these riches
These niggas spittin' freestyles
But know its pre-writtens
Im the Beast from the east
On your tape I will feast
Lick my fingers, delicious
Im burning these bridges
I dont talk alot
And ever since i started rapping i dont say alot
I burn the pot, whip the skillet
I got lots like DeeRugs, i need lots of these drugs
I am not friends with you niggas
All you get is mean mugs
See devonta making donuts in the parking lot
His Honda just as low as my confidence
Had to put in the time for this
I know you did me dirty
But im still gon' show you smiles nigga
And when you hear this shit
Dont you hit my line nigga, please

To whom this may concern, nigga
Suck a dick and die and burn, nigga
Live and then you learn, nigga
by Genius