"You can't see us... BUT YOU CAN FEEL US..." {Colin Emmanuel on the decks}

"So you listen to me. Listen to me!
Television is not the truth
Don't you want the truth?
Go to your gurus, go to your shells!
Because that's the only place you're ever gonna find any real drama!"

[Verse 1]
Kissing you already, Matty seen with blonde
Show guru buys hammer movies and goes on
(Farewell) close to tears at the final curtain
(Woops) God here already, adverts find Matty
One million for topping foes
Sidebanks in TV, plead to Spanish, she vanish
Turn the page over, British brain overload
Killing ???, rape case, church, falls asleep - here's your cell
Not quite the Paris Hilton steeze??
Terror swoop, that's 2 wives in one house up for
Mortgages, mortgages, property feature
Loyalist shamed?? perve, catch that creature!
It's a whole load of gossip
Called up against two strikers, Henry's lost it - I don't care
15 years for bank gang - I don't care
I Guess I should care, but really - I don't care!
My immediate media's music
The media hype might mess with my music
My e-media media's music/media/hype might mess with my mentality
TV biz, any jive will do
There's love in the mud for Tara, there's a land you'll ever store near YOU

[Hook] {X4}
"You can't see us
But you can feel us."

[Verse 2]
I'm like an underground news channel
Most music out is just an ad break, from real-made ??
A hodgepodge of consuming, non-thinking parasites
Comparable with Channel 5, coming out your satellite
A sad state of affairs, lots of people in the world un-aware
People say it doesn't matter, I'm like "Yeah."
It's kinda like a crime indeed
The stuff TV producers ignore and what they feed us instead...
It's all celebs and what they doing in bed
They could be making people think instead
Just to sit back and hold up your hands is no excuse
Feed us brain-dead crap - it's turning(?) our mouth to abuse
They say "What about the ratings?" (I say "What about morality?")
They say "I'm tryna keep my job" (I say "Check your mentality")
So concerned with a move up the ladder
Where your salary and your life is all that really matters
A career in the media, a nation in tatters
From your fierce bred?? and trivia, and tabloid patter
You beleive what they can 'til you give em a change
Checking the range of channels man, it's funny and strange
You got a whole load of choice (Really nothing is on)
The content of these papers (Man something is wrong)
It's no coincidence white vanman in middle England
They're talking about immigrants tits and peodophilia
While steady killing the world, not recycling
The agenda that the media's setting is kinda frightning
And no one got done over ???
But they don't put it on the front page, I guess it's really not surprising
My rage is far from staged like Big Brother
I'm the real reality - put Joey Brains on your cover

[Hook] {X2}
by Genius