[Verse One: Fatlip]
Understand the style that's fat like a cow
Wise like a serpent, wide eyed like an owl
How many emcees must get dissed like this?
This is the question
I keep ya guessin
I teach a lesson
To the ignorant, lyrically illiterate, id-i-ots
You fools need a good smacking
Your styles like an egg made out of steel, it ain't craking

What you know about the Puerto Rican eradicated?
Tragic like gladiator for all of biting alligators
Cali haters, lolly-gaggers, slug is the validators
Tell you it's fresh, for those of you yes man and you salivators
I love singing pretty good at mud slingin'
I love dreaming about keepin' you thugs steamin'
I bug demons n' spirits of rappers with bunk meanin'
Cook from l.a. symphony they call us young He-Men

What you say?
We be emcees that's cut from a different mold
What you say?
I play the humble but y'all don't understand
We stay away from stories that's forever told
What you say huh?
What you say huh?
What you say huh?
What you say?
None of us be the battlin' type
What you say?
But if we gotta, it's for sure we gonna serve em
What you say?
And you know we gotta keep the crown hype
What you say huh?
What you say huh?

[Verse Two]
I'm on some duran duran with the reflex/which emcee's next
To get checked?/ you just an insect like my ex-girls's
You better come correct/ step, before I blast you to the upper deck
Take this personal I purposely mean to disrespect

Awe man, come on, with your to the break of dawn
Switch it to the Megatron extra loud like megaphone
Microphones will make it long as i flip and take upon
The burden of the surge'n for your rhymin' that is wrong

Yeah man I start rappin then fools give me props and say I'm
Hot like shadrac
And them other two dudes that got locked
Cause I'm
Extraodinare fly like Jordan Air shoe be so it shouldn't matter
If you be posted on the wall or on
The floor bilamosin throw ya hands in the air wave'em like the ocean
Oh since I ain't got no more time left I guess I better let you
Know that my crew is the best and I'm out


[Verse Three]
My first impulse when i see you is to bleed you
Had a chance to bust, now I conclude you no longer need to
Given the fact your track record sucks
I've had enough money
My lyri-cals be fly like sky
That's on the word up
Although i don't like writin' I got you bitin'
Off the super def dj slash mc, that's me
Your inglewood president got you suckers knowin' I'm sick
When comin' off the head quicker than Squint edits my lyrics

Well they call fatlip, the eligable bachelor
Cause to the ladies, I'm quite an eye-catcher
Mic's like a spatula cause I'm a flow-flipper
I attack the track just like Jack the Ripper
You're just a skipper, i'm the captian of the ship
Cause when this record sells, we goin' fishin for chips
Don't even ask how dope it is
L.a. Symphony conductin themselves in a manner that's appropriate

by Genius