You See Me
Pictures on the Tv
Little Bitches Screaming
Saying That They Need Me
Saying That They Want me
Used to fucking taunt me
Now they all on me
But all I do is haunt thee
While they sleepin
Sayin that I'm creepin
Wake up in your bed with a fang hashtag
And your brain half-dead
Blood on your wingspan
Eat a half can of Spam rub the other half on a lamp
Light your life
Candlestick fire fight
Night strike atomic bomb brighten up the sky
Mushroom Cloud smell the lush fumes now
Breath smoke inhale do it all at once
Deficate infiltrate shoot em' with a gun
Storm the beach kill screech tied 1-1
Wars coming and I hit the home running
Battle scared getting trampled by some bunnies
Playboy loaded tank and a missle
Scope shot got the accuracy of a pencil
Take a pic of when that shit sunk your battleship
20,000 leauges bodies floating in the seas
The contagion infected all the water streams
Intoxicated by fossil fules and gasoline
Bag of bones being left to solve the mystery
Gotta go back hop in that time machine
Black and white film reel of a dinosaur
T-Rex cheap sex with a stegosaur
When it put it in your ass and leave you mega sore
Have you spending all feelings at the liquor store
Let's make a deal have you open up many doors
Leather Head will stab you dead at number four
5th life when you open up your cats eye
Sabertooth Tiger hope that bitch didn't bite
I make the opposite of left right
Left hand re-writes all the wrong rights
Right finger pull the trigger send you left and back
Turn around close your eyes and let the whips crack
This is what the feeling of being brainwashed brings
When they yell so loud it make your ears ring
With a pitch so sharp it makes an angle sing
When you rob a saint and steal their super bowl ring
So how it feel going to hell in a basket?
Pick up symptoms that the animals contacted
Pregnant wife having multiple contactions
Birthing tub having animals attracted
So come one come all to the show tonight
See a man breathe fire and a poltergeist
Exorcism of the ones they choose
Found them in the jungle where their bodies decomposed
by Genius