I've been on a lonely carpet ride
I've been smoking jasmine leaves in spite
Shorty would you join me for one night
If you call me up then imma slide

Roller coaster ridden
I was roller coaster hidden
Girl you really got me smitten
All the lines that I was spitting

Roller coaster hitting
I was roller coaster winning
Girl you really got me living
Fuck the litter
You're the kitten, kitty

Kitty kitty kitten
Kitty kitty kitten
What you want yourself a licking
Baby you gon' be my kitten

Kitty kitty kitten
Pretty pretty kitten
Throw it back and throw the kitchen
Pretty pretty kitten

Let me roll this solemn sin
Winter rolls into the wind
Bitter broken once again
On a whim
Let's stay in again
Watch the leaves ascend
Pigment of your skin
Won't you soak it in
Casket of amends

I've been skipping lines
Drifting in decline
I've been making time
Watch me twist my mind

Imma let her whine
Strip me of my rinds
Inching like a vine
Sycamore sublime
by Genius