[Verse 1: Raw Poetic]
My head seems to think like a nasty jazz song
Feet tapped the beat that's driven by car horns
The trees, cheers the seats, [] just meeting my eyes
Subtle sounds like the kicks inside of pregnant wives
I'm saying it's elementary, silent in people nation
And you feel all the music around you making a statement
A state when it isn't just law and discrimination
Where every action soldiers a part of the world you're making
From playgrounds with kids' laughs, to raindrops to heel that's splash puddles, the waters that fizzles from jags that hit that puddle
To the one with the breath that part you cuddle
Life's a circle, I stay watching, the clowns dancing, the walls are trouble
And every struggle I transcribe with the sound
My stimulations penetration there's no fucking around
I keep a crowd steady ducking for sound
Maybe cuz I'm underground forever, summon the towns

[Chorus: Drew Thomas]
I'm singing all These Words to you
To make you feel alive (one hundred times, one thousand times)
Relax yourself, let me ease on in
Just enjoy the ride

[Verse 2]
Hey, you see a table but I see a new beat
You see the words but I'm composing the peace
Building a place, protractors know the angle I take
Words I state may get you open like a nod when awake
Let me splash the pieces like the quarters through the trailer park door
Life's a movie with no sound and I'm just writing the score
Like a nose []
Composing a law, before the mind of human evolve
The follow, the hollow lens that'll seeping through pores
Music's my life, there's nothing there that'll have me a chore
It's casual like a smoker, I admire fire's crackles
Playing my record's static as the cancer's plays the battle
I'm in tune with the green as far as to the grey as []
Travel in the grey like the sun when it's afternoon
In tune like the music that's bouncing throughout the room
Like butterfly cocoons the sound makes a beautiful bloom

[Chorus] x 2

[Verse 3]
Its what my life is simply made of the way that I think
The meaning behind the message, brother, Ink is My Drink
It's when I sit in deli, tell me, every lyric spells me
Holds me, drops me, held me, bones cross within me simply
It all compels me, like hair products gels me
To water flows to wealthy, sights I can well see
When going through my day's plays missing all that's important
Fighting my way through crooks to find myself within me
To prevent confusion I turn my sight to a sound
Write when I lounge, if I handle luck when I'm found
Benefit me later or now, no matter I wound
And every morning that I wake up I begin it again

[Chorus] x 2

Straight up off the top, we still drop bombs
And every time we gotta represent straight past your block
Just feel what's going on, its so chill but ill
Cats be trying to see the way we build them skills
We seem to axe 'em, still gotta count our blessings
And the question coming back to kill our essence
Beyond the urkel, doesn't matter, on time commercials
Cats be tryin....
by Genius