[Chorus 2x: VonMar]
Used to pull up in the steamers now I'm hopping out the foreign that's me (lil bitch that's me)
Used to hate on the kid now I'm flexin' on you haters that's me (lil Bitch that's me)
All I see is the top, guap and these hoes thats me (thats me that's me)
Every time I pop out, bad hoes, good dope, keep pourin' that's me

[Verse 1: VonMar]

Every time I pop out fresh shit fly as hell that's me (doeee)
Why you hatin' on the kid, I dont even know you homie (I dont even know you)
Niggas turn to hoes when they feel the cold nose of the heat
(so) So I play my role, keep pour, move in silence just like my G (bLLLLLLLLat)
Half these niggas ain't yo bros, these hoes gonna fold when you in a jam get exsposed
Pockets full and my stomach full cuz I been juggin' niggas on bro (turn up)
Money stackin I be in a fashion, put him in a casket, when I pop out these hoes be going crazy, THOT boy you crazy, in bed you crazy
Show me something I ain't never seen, flaming dope I'm high as heavens green (Dooooooeeee)
Pop shots I need a kick stand for this regulars lean
On me I'm just double cupping moving slow mo like a knock out cam
Facing shots of that henny driving, facing blunts straight regular driving, while sosa rhyming on me

[Chorus 2x: VonMar]

[Verse 2: Chris Carter]

That's me that's me, I throw H town up please
For my team I be the king, gotta live out Willies dream
What it seems, there's money rhyming, draw four colors green
I say draw four color seen, you hop out spray crowds we leave
If you up and don't blow, that's a threat to me
My grandma said don't let them get to me
All the prayers she sending i know it's forgiven I steady keep ducking them felonies
Watching my wearabouts carefully
If I feel i'm in danger I'm blowing with anger
Get bent like a hanger, not trusting my homies, they switching up on me
I'm saying, i come from thr dirt like a flower (like a rose Nigga)
Want the money respect and the power (and the hoes nigga)
Like Tony Montana it's ours (the world is ours)
Been that nigga since they blew the towers

[Chorus: VonMar]

[Verse 3: YR]

Pardon me I've been sipping
Smoking and rolling I'm fucked up
Nigga talk is cheap I spit bucks up
I say fuck the world and get sucked up
I'm A.B.H Gang, thats me, all black hoodie gang nigga yea that me
Hot 16 nigga I'm Young ,time is money verse don't come free
Nigga move and he might be cripple, 45 hold one plus a nickel
Niggas taking shot but that tickle
I ain't bout shit plain and simple
Niggas know me out here I'm official
YR nigga them the initials
Now adays niggas soft like pillows
Yo money looks funny and I ain't with the giggles (uh)
Niggas Tweakin thinking we belive them we dont fuck with yall and thats on me
Niggas think its sweet bout when they see the heat they know the game is not OV
If i pull a bitch with ext clips niggas getting smoked like an oz
Free dollar, these niggas hate but they ain't on ahit and thats on me

[Chorus 2x VonMar]
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