[Verse 1: CE]

I'm tryna be the nigga with the money
I'm tryna be the nigga with the slick whip
A big dick, and food up in my tummy
I'm tryna be the nigga's nigga
A mixture
Between my tunnel vision of a dream and the bigger picture
I'm tryna be hip, I'm tryna be pop
I'm tryna be ripped, I'm tryna be hot
I'm tryna be me, but only just a little
Don’t ever show too much of yourself, the people fickle
I'm tryna have a radio hit
A video with, hella weed in it
So they see CE ain't afraid of no spliff
I'm tryna be black as Kendrick, looking like Wiz Khalifa
Hair like a Puerto Rican, speakin' like a school teacher
Black enough to get shot down in the streets
Light enough to feel guilty not getting stopped by police
Code switching on a bitch and feeling stupid when I do it
Confused because there’s more than one slanguage in which I'm fluent…
I'm tryna be white enough for these hipsters…
But black enough for them to know I'll fucking kill them if they call me nigga
Shit ain't changed I'm the same fucker
Tryna be Brooklyn, and still remain Free from these Suckas, sucka
(You stupid muhfuckas...)

[Verse 2: Le'Asha Julius]

I’m tryna be the nigga with the flyest homies
And any cunt that cross me I will tell them bitches blow me
Creepin’ in the night, fleekin’ on the mic
I swore to the highest I wasn’t gon' speak 'til time was right
But time is up, it's past due
It's time to disrespect you
Dog you a stray turning pussy
Oops I blast you
I’m past you
Higher I’m incredible
That shit you spit dog to me that shit is edible
I eat you up and like your skills that shit is dreadable
It's flammable I light it up
Engulfed in embarassment
Your skin ain't tough enough
I’ve had enough
Now watch me I’ma Deebo
And I will repo all your stuff
I rock, ruff n' stuff with my dreadloc puff
Rock the cuff on my loc
Watch your mouth it ain't a bluff
I strike your babyface one time and leave a scuff
Niggas really dreamin' they lost it
Stop it
If you think you gonna make a prophet
I promise that I will kill it when I spit it
That’s my job here
Look at me, I done did it

[CE: She done did it, nigga!]

I done shitted

[CE: She done shitted, nigga! Get some diapers, blood!]

[Verse 3: CE & Le'Asha Julius]

Blah da dee da da dah

Yabba dabba doo

[CE & LJ]
Put your hands to the sky
They put a bullet in you!

Look, fuck a pig and what he say
Fuck a pig and what she say
We fuckin' whoever up when the DJ let that beat play

Feelin' like fools
It’s the red white and blue

Yea we labor for change
Still ain't no change in the news
What you gonna do when they come for you?

Like a thief in the night come to brainwash you

Jimmy Kimmel might could show you what a brainwash do

Donald Trump might could front the government a mil or two

Rich men take the fish
So the poor stay poor, uh

But niggas ain't home
Po-po at the door

.44 to they skull
Hand cannon 'bout to blow
But that kickback a bitch
So my grip tighten mo’

This sick typa flow
Keep a bitch bitin' though
So im Rick Grimin' hoes

Third Rail nigga whoaaaa


[CE & LJ]
Don’t touch it ‘less you wanna get fried in the gutta

Then click clack a Snapchat of your body sent to your mother

Nobody can save you when you dead from the zap
That’s why them muhfuckas tell you mind the gap!
by Genius