[Verse 1]
Still with my old girl, it's cool
See how much I changed since school
See how much I've made, see how much we makin'
Still in the same boat
Still can't relate to my day-ones
Still hide my face when I get home
Yeah, I got a place in LA, ho
Yeah, I'm out of space in it (Yeah, I'm out of space in)
Please don't ask to stay
Please don't ask to stay with me (Don't ask, you know why)
I ain't got time to play with it (Don't ask, you know why)
I ain't tryna pay for your plane ticket (Don't ask, you know why)
Yeah, I'm still the same (Don't ask, you know why)
Yeah, I'm still the same (Don't ask, you know why)
Yeah, I feel it
Yeah, I feel insane (Don't ask, you know why)
(Don't ask, you know why) You stay looking out
(Don't ask, you know why) Days on end
(Don't ask, you know why) Days on end

[Verse 2]
Play this often, don't take this shit too serious
Know you get insecure, wish I had more wisdom for ya
Ayy, when she gone, you know mama missin' on ya
Brother, all that bullshit goin' on, it makes you strong
It made me stronger, ayy
All that makin' me worry, don't run off in a hurry
Save some bread for your thirties (Yeah, yeah)

Need ya, need ya, yeah
Need ya

[Verse 3]
But I don't need no bitch with no code of honor
I can't fuck with these kids, man, I'm so beyond 'em
Too much flavor, baby, walkin' soda fountain
Cold inside and I'm a Southern Florida boy
Shoulda told the judge before they locked me up
"It ain't shit in the universe that could stop me, bruh"
Every kid with me grew together, I'm proud of us
From a sunken place to the top
And look at what we accomplished
Everything that you talked about
And I can tell you what it means, but it's not enough
Man, this shit ain't what it seem where you watch it from
I done took a L on every corner like a swastika
And I only show your ass the cream when the crops are cut
I just hope you think about everything when you play this song
Don't take that shit too serious (Ah, ah)

Hey, yeah, yeah
Ah, ah, oh, yeah
Need ya, need ya, need ya