[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
Lyrics, clear the pipes like Drano
Witness pure hate like Spit goin' over Ramo
A good response would be to wave 'hi' like Maino
Or it could be whatever dog—Bingo was his name-o
A rainbow in this go-to-hell game show
It's like a pause, ayo, you know how the slang go
Bang, go, devil wanna tango
Get's insane dough, trick on any Jane Doe hoe
Viano, insensato flow
Shhh, off the screen layin' low vato
Playing slow, in fact playing so slow
Faster than light speed, indeed
Nick Junior on mute, tough and bleed at night
Skeed in the weed hours, deep study in the mix
Open up them doors, have 'em shittin' bricks
In effect, the verse big box, little pricks
Pause again, fiddle sticks
Teeny white pill within the skiddle mix

[Verse 2: Kool G Rap]
Back in the days waitin' to get a cake and the biscuit
Found out a way to the wizard, makin' it blizzard
Pick up the pace in my skip then paid him a visit
He took me straight where the fish is, weighted it and dished it
I threw some flake and some liquid, makin' it rigid
Stayed in the kitchen bakin' and whippin', apron and mittens
Razors and pictures taped to some scissors scrapin' the dishes
Plate with some riches, late with some bitches, Stacy and Bridget
Face where the dick is, stayed on their face like braces and bridges
Bracin' my britches, laid this Mercedes racin' on Bridges
Place is exquisite, safe with the digits, safe in the district
My paper straight, was makin' the difference, steak with some brisket
Jacuzzi tub to bathe with my mistress, shape on the vicious
See niggas paid, I'm lyrical, grab the shades and a fitted
Raise on them midgets, raise up the gauge and get with it
Niggas know I don't play with this shizzit, flavor delivered, nigga
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