This would be one of my deepest flows ever
Questioning God why me cause never
Thought my life would turn out for the better
Dudes I use to look up to that was on higher levels
I stepped over & kept it moving like bike paddles
Now rats stay chasing me cause I got cheddar
With diamonds that bright up different colors like fruity pebbles
Damn..I sit back & I jus wonder
Swear that I never seen this here coming
Born partially unwanted & given nothing
Blinded by my childhood.. Stevey Wonder
Is if I did something wrong..felt I was punished
Facing consequences before my repercussions
Fuck how I felt mann swear I did
Witnessing adult shit just as a kid
Now I say it is what it is
Looking back I wish a nigga would tried saying that shit
Word on everything a nigga came from nothing
I'd never take a plea cause I'm not settling
Part of the reason I won't do relationships
Trust issues make it hard to go thru w
Falsely accusing my other half of cheating
Allowing gd ones to go because of my conscious
Females telling me I'm the best they every had
& its sad cause I'm rolling stone like my dad
Same person I can't stand I'm just like
I hate it when family members say we look just alike
Taking his ugly treats plus he wasn't in my life
Things he should a taught me but I came out alright
Being abandoned took a toll me tho
Use to not having so I'm afraid of letting go
Like I'm holding for dare life but my feet on the floor
Life is a unsure question that we'll never know
But know I'm starting to live life to get my best answer
Yolo too bad we ain't giving multiple chances
Living to the fullest I don't take shit for granted
When its over its over ain't no use of ranting
I'm not afraid of dying but afraid of not trying
Hate not finishing what I haven't yet accomplished
Stuck on being a winner don't like the thought quitting
My own worst critic I don't need people sayin' what I isn't
Seeing where I'm at now a nigga turned out great
It took time but I'm okay with being late
Never late is better but better late than never
Life's courses made me out to be quite clever
Now I smile just to smile without a giving reason
Knowing God got me covered is pretty damn relieving
Ima keeping going till the day I stop breathing
Thats the only way I'll stop believing best believe it, Alive & Living*
by Genius