Hi Dante I call you yesterday to say happy birthday
I'm callin' you back happy belated birthday
It's your grandma talk to you later bye

I was on the back burner of a label
But I love my uncle I appreciate you
DC to ATL nigga on a party bus
With some loyal ones and some that I can hardly trust
Unc behind us in that panomera movin' fast
More than a thousand dollar ride spent a few stacks
Hop in that bitch and feel like Stella get your grove back
Got that experience be smart enough to use that
Get mula and move that
Don't let it sit make a new flip
Cruise on a cruise ship
I'm in control fuck a new whip
And on that note mine paid off
I work for me can't get laid off
Every day with no days off
Join the club I don't play golf
Hole in one without holding guns
I got more to come I got show my sons
Driving long as that motor run
Lookin' good I can show you somethin'
We was in the Ritz Carrolton
The white man thought that we was ballers
We told that man that we was doctors
We lyin' but we got some lawyers
Everything that happen I know it's a reason
Young and livin' I'ma get it as long as I keep on breathin' I'm eatin' I'm even Steven
No reason to be competin'
I'm stretchin' I see you reachin'
The demons need a decon so I'm preachin' (preach)
Keep believin' (yeah yeah)
Believe half of what you see cause they deceivin' (uh huh)
I be peepin' what you speakin' when we greetin' (yeah yeah)
Miss my management she quit when I missed a meetin'
Got damn I'm a fuck up sometimes (damn)
But I got good intentions
If you just don't take it personal
I just need you to listen
I got a explanation
Got drive and destinations
A wide investigation
I'm so tired of speculations
Look let me show you the flip side I got inmates in Fort Dix showin' love
They know what's up
Tell them hold they head mean hold it up
Cause you don't look down when you this high
I got my fist high
Don't argue or fuss with no bitch bye
You can sit by and watch me while I excel
Then I make it double check the cover in another um
Two years
Who cares
Mother fucker I do
Listen bruh I'm talkin' like a mother fuckin' idol
Man I don't even like you you'll never know
I ran into the camera man that owe me hella dough
At another show
Why you wellin' bro (huh)
Don't you know not to play with people's money
Don't tell my bros (no)
Cause my woes don't beef so humbly

I try to keep a positive vibe in negative situations you know (as you should)
I don't like to let my emotions control me (right right)
I figure If I can control myself I can control my money you hear me (needs that)
And you might think it's funny
But I ain't no dummy
I know exactly what I'm doin' (exactly)
I just feel it
You feel me

Look man you said you was with it you don't believe like me
I thought I knew who you was now I need to see I D
I cut back on goin' to clubs unless it's V I P
With them rubber bands man I feel like T I P
Spanish mami bein aqui
Make me feel some type of way
And she even like to pay
Hold up chill I light the jay
Damn I never called grandma back
She just wanted to say happy birthday look how I act
Been takin' family for granted and I ain't proud of that
Think I need another power nap to get my powers back
They say I'm so insensitive I say I'm sorry
I got too much on my mind
Greyson Troi and plus Damari (I got you)
Get that check I gotta run it up (for sure)
And if you next you just the runner up (what)
The time is now clock still tickin' (tock)
It feel good but it's still sickenin'

Feel me
Feel me
Feel me
by Genius