[Verse 1]
Woke up to snow, it's Christmas again
But you're still not home, got thrown in the pen
And I'm six years old, sitting here thinking
"Why am I always alone?"
So I watched my mama from the back of the van
As she drove along
And having seven kids must have been hard
But Daddy couldn't stay out of the bar

It's a crying game
Seeing him in prison on Christmas day
Twenty years later, still such a shame
To have a broken heart at such a young age
But now it's all the same
It's a crying game

[Verse 2]
I missed the call, and woke up to find
My brother was gone, that's when I lost my mind
At eighteen years old
Wondering how life could be so cold
But we came together like never before
All my brothers and sisters kept mama at shore
'Til we lost another
It's hard to know just what to think no more

It's a crying game
To have to put my brothers in their graves
Life ain't perfect, but it's such a shame
They left behind the stories that they never made
But now it's all the same
It's a crying game

Living and loving gets me through the pain
Don't take for granted a soul or a day
Anywhere I'm going, it's crazy to think that
There's a million other people out there playing a

Crying game
There's no winning and no one to blame
Life is fragile and can slip away
And let me tell you, when it does, it's such a shame
Oh, it's all the same
It's a crying game
by Genius