Swervin, swervin, swervin, swervin
Swervin, swervin, swervin, swervin

Now My eyes closed, but my mind woke
Where the time go?, devil in my room working
Now I can't sleep alarms off, I’m tryna Lonzo (ball)
Finer things Got me thinking verses cursive
This the life I chose though, Imma go for broke
I'm losing sleep but it's worth less I been working (yea)
Another time zone, another load road (foreal)
And imma keep gripping the curves
I’m curb swervin yea yea
Boy I'm curb swervin
Swervin, swervin, swervin, swervin, yea

Tripping, mind be slipping on my mission
Boy I'm swervin
Swervin, swervin, swervin, swervin, yea
Hope I ain't gotta go missing for the listens
Boy I'm swerving
Swervin, swervin, swervin, swervin, yea

Verse 1:
I know I'm supposed to do it this way
I know im supposed to follow sensei
To the heavens lord don't let me get sprayed
Bullets rain down down down from where I'm from
Umbrella, These fellas, Get jealous
Speak true, These guns, Overzealous
I’m swerving need help, I’m ignorant
My skin color tells you, I'm ignorant

Verse 2:
(Freddie Gibbs)
Swervin, big body swervin
Just cooked some work I’m out here working
Your hoe stay lurking
Cocaine and soda mix it perfect
I'm mister perfect
Just stuffed my blunt with gold and purple, that magic Erving, feds make me nervous
So I stay close to my strap and keep my nose clean
All whites cats with ghosts I'm twisting dope up in that rose thang
I remember robbed Cindy cousin for a whole thang
Boy ain't have no scratch for the laundromat couldn’t keep my clothes clean I'm Gucci down my clothes clean
Slam dunk on yo hoe that bitch a layup (yea)
Bad bitch I might lick her fore I lay it (yea)
Super soak her throat I just might spray it (yea)
Touch me when you want Lil bitch but you can't touch my paper (yea)
Paper yea! Trap house be my studio
Most these niggas in the rap shit just so they can ride dick you's a groupie hoe
Look at these days I been getting paid I don't even entertain with the same crew no more
Most these niggas in the rap shit just so they can ride dick you's a groupie hoe (yea!)

Verse 3:
You know my life ain't sweet, I need clovers
You know if this don't work my life over
You know I spent this year looking for 4 leafs
This game ain't fair America
Playing for keeps
Sharecropper, Fuck a oppa, This the opera
All drama, They acting, Need the oscar
Is my life a deadend, I'm ignorant
Whole time highs hands, Stretched ligaments
I wonder if they gon kill me for speaking
I wonder who has the truth that I'm seeking
I wonder who gon save me im sinking
Life rafts ain't for niggas in e deck (nah)
If you didn't come here for the real then eject (yep)
We all ain't shit but listen I'm
The speck (yep)
That's trying to change shit that's trying to get my respect (yea)
That's trying to get my respect boy I'm swerving
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