I’m on my Square, you out here pyramid scheming we don’t compare
A lot of PR and marketing behind your barking
Nigga don’t even got WiFi in your apartment

Hol Up Hol Up, they ain’t ready for that
Hold on. Foreal. Here Lemme get em

Verse 1:
If I wasn't rapping I'd be another number
Posting the block Shaking the undercover
Helicopter surveillance they wanna keep us under (foreal)
The steel cloak of the law keeping us full of hunger
Claustrophobia setting due to gentrification
Kill each other or move watch the elimination
The hood like a game 7
Can't be on the straight and narrow
Turning to hustling or the reverend
My cup runeth over with the hatred
Brother gon stay scheming
Sister selling what's sacred (foreal)
Sold my heart to the world and nobody bought it
My humble made you forget that chip when my shoulder caught it
Y'all made a b line
Quick to say I was on the decline
I was like Hold up boi rewind
A Crazy thing, time
Wasn't it about a year or so ago I was the one you was just behind
That's how it is when you dealing with the evil
Get a little status and they thinking you too regal
That's the nature of people
Why you think the people love to feed pigeons and try to shoot down the Eagles
Envy will teach you
A real ones visions is hard to see when the fake holding a peephole
I'm like jumping out a airplane and landing on a period, on this joint, I'm on point!
I look at my own faults homie, I don't point!
All these rappers wasting the platform, what's your point?
I'm making it with the foul thats an and 1 point!
That 1 got a couple commas 'fore I see that point!
You can't pay em to free you
But you can pay so they see you
Gotta stand for something don't let them people mislead you
Since the apple in the garden them snakes trying to deceive you
You know you doing right when kids is trying be you
I don figured it out
You get clout
People limit the doubt
If if was a cop then I’d get acquitted
My face would tell it all but wouldn't have to admit it
I wouldn’t have to admit it
If If was hype I wouldn't be here....
But y'all watching

(DJ Klyph)
Don’t let me die on you before you verbalize my impact on your life to the world
- Frank Miller II
by Genius