Verse 1:
Shout out to my dogs and my locs’
Stay cool when the police approach us
Cause you might be rolling with toasters
You don’t want no shit
You don’t wanna see those lights
Them niggas gon read your rights
Them niggas gon beat your ass
No matter you wrong or right
And I was just riding shotgun
And the coppers said “oh we got one!”
And my rental car smell like High Times
And my nigga don’t stop at the stop sign
And my cell phone boom it’s a hotline
And the homie got braids with the hangtime
And the nigga take pics with the gang signs
Real niggas stay real don’t change sides
Pull a nigga over on the curb
Cause a nigga smell like hella herb
Got a nigga back up on the wall
Got a nigga face up in the dirt
Treat me like a muthafuckin jerk
Now I got stains on my shirt
Hope them niggas get what they deserve
Get what they deserve

Verse 2:
(Nick Grant)
Ugh! Bank account bank account ugh
Fuck what niggas thinking bout
Can’t fuck with these square niggas
See when we get it you ain’t around (yea)
Dead nights see the walking corpse no thriller night but I’m off the wall
Every bar is like Boston George
Ted talk with no Marky Mark
Nigga bankroll bankroll
I go where you can’t go
Where I’m from they love the white
Mama said stay away from paying tolls
Black shit savageness
This is more than just some rapper shit
Niggas got ladder clips
For niggas that climb the ladder
If you make it to 21, miraculous
Hold up hold up swerve
I gave niggas my word
No turning back I got it out the dirt
The ones that you love can bring the most hurt
She say this the wave she like she might surf
And I’m just like “word?” And no I’m no perfect when you this gifted nigga this shit is like a slight curse this shit was light work (let’s get it)

Verse 3:
Can’t have a masterpiece until you master peace
It’s a big pie im trying to have a piece
Them boys coming imma hide the piece
Won’t let me buy freedom imma master lease
Imma dog out here I’m off master leash
I’ll stop tripping when the killing cease
How many cornbreads dead in the street?
Enough to keep me ready when the sirens bleep!
They want me in the kennel playing with my mental I ain’t saying shit just call me instrumental
My lawyer looking like jay Leno
We on civil suits you gon get the memo
It’s layers to it onion leek and fennel
Get the settlement and go flip a rental
Presidential suite fuck the incidentals
Fuck the government that ain’t what we into
Leave the court room take my tie off
Throw it down
Bang my set hope a cop see a nigga hold it down
Get a bag of donuts make them bitches rain on the ground
Payback gon be a hot drink to have to wash it down
I know you want me bound
Really want me down
A nigga lost and found
I don lost the ground
Sky high
With the hate around
I Put my trust in the courts
And got the vapors now
Gave me cases gave a niggas years
Feel like a hand me down
I want that shit
Been giving passes but keep playing
Yea keep playing
A nigga with that shit
And Next time you pull me over

(Cymone Bettis)
Nigga you ain’t about to do shit!
The cops gon pull you over
They gon rob you, They gon run you to jail
And you ain’t gon say or do shit
Because they gon kill your ignorant ass
by Genius