Verse 1:
I wanted to be top tier
I stopped tears and went to work
Started from the bottom
Adidas shoes in the dirt
Holes in my sole
Holes in my soul
Holes in my shirt
Holy shit hallelujah thank Him for rebirth
Now it's window seats looking down on earth (looking down on earth)
Glad I found a woman who was down to earth (who was down to earth)
Had some ups and downs but for what it's worth (but for what it’s worth)
I wouldn't trade nothing being from my turf
I wouldn't trade nothing being from my turf
I wouldn't trade nothing being from my turf
I wouldn't trade nothing being from my turf
I wouldn't trade nothing...
Land not for me home of the slaves
Charges Trumped up to keep us in a cage
Drugs and the guns keep us in the graves

Outro 1:
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave
And the star spangled banner in triumph doth wave...

Verse 2:
Tiki torches and AK-47s
By his side like a best man
Thinking head shots don't need a vest man
I pray us humans really invest in
Us, but war what we investing
Sons and daughters die and mama is stressing
Granny told me to Count my blessings (She did)
You don't win or lose, You win or lessons
Save money in summer, Cause winter lessens
When the officer stop you just learn the lessons
...Or daddy gon have less sons
Strap up, army gear
They call it a peaceful protest dressed in fear
But a peaceful debate nobody trying to hear
They gon run over everybody that's hard to steer (control)
But when you see us as steer we easy to reel in (cattle)
The weapon ain't the gun it's the skin
I scream to the crowds, you don't know where I been!!!
But you know just that!
You exactly where and you could take me back!
Our relationship broken but you could take me back!
Instead you choose and try and take me back
To a time when you didn't have rights cause you was black (that’s fucked up)
You think standing up mean we don't know how to act
I look at the news and I don't get how we back
‘Cause we never left
The key to getting right Is starting with self
Starting with self
It’s starting with self
It’s starting with self
It’s starting with self

(Duece, Also Duece, Ryan Watts, John Shanafelt)

(Duece & Also Duece)
Now when this cop come just be cool my nigga...
Man Imma be cool! Nigga I get pulled over everyday
Bruh for real, just just do what he say!
Man i ain’t- man fuck 12 man! If he jump bad imma jump bad, straight up!
No bruh, no! they they looking for a reason
I don’t care bruh! I don’t care bruh!
Hol Hold on bruh he knocking bruh

(Ryan Watts)
How you doing boys, whats got you out so late?

Wait, wait what?! It's only 8:30
Only 8:30 these niggas tripping

Congratulations, you can tell time... now let me see how well you step out of the car...

But we ain't did shit though! Wtf we do??!?

Let me see your papers, I mean license and registration
Oh you think this is funny?
Ok you wanna okay that? Give me your shit take it slow

I’m going slow...

Backup Officer:
(John Shanfelt)
Get your hands up
Get your hands up
Hands up
Hands up
Hands up
Hands up
Hands up
(Shots fired)
Get your hands up
Hands up
Hands up
Shots fired shots fired
Hands up hands up
by Genius