[Verse 1: Bandyt Killa]
Obey the fucking walrus, suffocate like dolphins
Laughter in your face, the loser of this race
Backwards talking in my head
Blackened eyes, I want you dead
But out your head's pouring red
Gone wrong is what I said
Creepy vintage images flashing at your vision-is
Brian's got a rare disease
His thoughts are fucking limited
Obeying 'cause it's hell
Fighting 'til my skin is pale
Black and blue, who are you?
Scary Larry, what'd you do?

[Verse 2: Rhett Rhodes]
Nobody's gonna here you yell where I take you
Bitch, this ain't show and tell, say thank you
Dump this bitch into the well and just crank it
I'm on my Frank Gallagher shit
We are so quick and painless
We are all also dangerous
I'll pump the cunt 'til that bitch think I'm heinous
I'm still acting my ways and my ways always Shameless
C and S the type of motherfuckers ready for a rumble
In the middle of a rainy day, but we still staying humble
Bitch we bumble like a bee
Fuck a mumble rapper wannabe tryna steal my skinny jeans
Bucket of blood under the corpses I gash
And one of them is you, acting all brash
Tell your fucking boyfriend that's a bat and this a migraine
A bad brained Bruce Wayne bumpin' on the quiet train, bitch

[Verse 3: Sideshow]
I'm at the point where I don't even give a fuck
Butt fuck a bitch, then I roll up a blunt
Then I switch up my lanes for these lames that's behind me
Four wheel drive to the labels want to sign me

[Verse 4: Bandyt Killa]
Bandyt, fuck I planned it 'cause I am a man who handles shit
C and S smoke candle wicks and shorten your life span and shit

[Verse 5: Sideshow The King]
Sideshow out here butt fucking rocks
Skinny jeans tight wearing thrift store socks
Girls think I'm great if on the date my dick is pre-stiff
Not soft, but I rock my kicks tall
D- Nasty

[Verse 6: Bandyt Killa]
Don't blast me, I'm acting your still casting
Not trashy, they still flash me
I'm happy, you hoes sappy
by Genius