It takes a lot of me to sit here in all honesty
It breaks my heart to know you’re gone
I hope you’ll still reach out to me
I see you looking down on me just wonder if you’re proud of me. The man that I’ve become is still a shock to me. Honestly
I see your silhouette when I’m sleep in my dreams
I even talk in my sleep sometimes to keep you in peace
The presence of your soul resonates with the sound of beat
I put my words to my pen to make my soul complete
I know that through this music you can speak through me
The voice of an angel sometimes put the devil to sleep
I know it’s been a week but can you do this for me?
I want you to talk to Dom and Jas like you do to me and come home
Brittany too...

June 7th, Thursday 2018 10:00 pm
Me and my girl going through it
I’m still not over my mom’s passing. I feel like a bitch
What’s wrong with me? Kyle you got a anger issue
Why because I get mad sometimes?
Don’t push me to the edge and get mad when I jump. *sigh
Diary of Da Kid Page 8
by Genius