[Verse 1: Pro]
Break down the swisher
And spill out the guts
Cough up the cash
Break down the bud then roll up the blunts
Oh that’s enough for at least about three
My nigga showed love and he been tryna match
Plus he just said that he went to Chicago
And when he came back he came back with that pack
Packing that shit to the max
Macking these bitches these bitches try to act like they stoners
Just to get close to my niggas but sorry
All of my niggas except me is loners
Me and my girl be cheefin
But she go home every weekend
Better believe before she gone
We gone partake in the freakin
[Verse 2: Ayu]
Steady rolling OG poking out the swisher wrap
It’s a fact Ima little bit intoxicated off the Honey Jack
Now where them hunnies at where them hunnies at
Um, scratch that
Where them gummies at where them Debbie Snacks at
The cigarillo is fat I got it packed out
And I’m ready to smoke we bout to smoke now
Ten blunts in rotation I’m bout to pass out
Ten blunts in rotation I’m bout to pass out
[Verse 3: Pro]
Circling up for rotation
This shit looks familiar like way before any plantation
I probably can’t make that connection
If I say that shit aloud they’ll probably come get me
Coughing on Keisha I’m passing on Brittany
You can find me between Mary Jane’s titties
This smoke in her bosom got me feeling crazy
But this just the roach that we found in the table
by Genius