Don't make me go back to the church
Don't make me swallow no stars
Don't make me lean on no gods I don't trust em one bit
Don't make me sing to clouds
Don't say I'm so depraved
Saints in all my nightmares
Be the calm, be the goal, be the goal, be the goal
Oh ma, I hate to disappoint you
Oh papa, I'm just grabbing that lightning
Oh love, I'm sorry for promises made with no intentions

Don't take me on back to the church
Why y'all got mouths for ears?
Mercedes, Lexus in your driveway, don't you fucking see the beggars at your doorstep?
Token home for the broken, or broken home made for toking on
The blood of Bible's thick trees, blunt folks with blunt minds
And blank eyes and blank smiles and—
Where is Gabriel? Where is Michael? Where the angels?

I wanted to be here
I wanted to stay here
I love you to death but I won't make my grave here

Where is the angels I knew in the Bible?
I heard, about to see it, don't pray for survival
I know
That there's more
I call on the Lord, he don't pick up the phone
If you still have my number, I hope you remember
Goodbye, I'm gone
by Genius