Is Boston made of dreams?
Oh, what's left of them?
I heard the church ring its bells
I heard you weren't doing well

But in Boston all I see
Is only you, is only you, is only you
I get complacent, I know (But it never meant I don't care)
But you had the patience for me (And gave it all away)

I know I get upset (Ayeah)
And I know you're getting tired
And I know that I've made mistakes
But you always seem to get me by (Get me by)

And once I thought I knew (Once I thought I knew)
Turns out I knew nothing at all (At all)
Nothing at all
Nothing at all

So if Boston's made of dreams
Then I'm holding onto things that I shouldn't be
I'll let it go
I'll lay it down

For you
by Genius